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Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!

E043: Brass Buttons

August 28, 2018

The podcast opens with a brief discussion of chance "celebrity" encounters and continues with a romantic tale of parking, horse racing, and buttons! Yes, we apologize to our Amish listeners but there's a lot of button discussion in this episode and you may want to skip this one. Whew. Really dodged a buggy there. 

Straight from the April 16, 1921 issue of Argosy All-Story Weekly (motto: "Only stories, go sell your essays and poems to those suckers at Harper's") comes "Brass Buttons", the story of a woman who speeds at the edge of the law and the officer who must track her down... as well as his stolen heart! Um, actually, it's not nearly that exciting. She's mostly just a terrible parker and he's, well, a cop with buttons. It's a good thing we've added jokes and other content to our reading of the story to jazz it up a bit. Ooh, and there is a jazz reference within. Listen to learn about one of the hottest songs of 1921!

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