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E030: The Piper from Bhutan

May 8, 2018

This podcast, Alan and Rob take a moment to thank the Brit Pod Scene show for having us guest on the second episode of their podcast. Special shout-out to the Theme Park Film and Rough Giraffe podcasts for making it happen and for both being our favo(u)rite Brits!

Now onto "The Piper from Bhutan", a tale of murder, mystic pipes (the kind you play, not the fun kind), and really bad science! Straight from Weird Tales magazine, it dares to answer the question "what if you could kind of vaguely, sorta, maybe, barely cause the dead to come to life and how would this affect your university enrollment?" If you're a fan of crime or supernatural stories this one has you covered and if you're not you can just sit back and marvel at Alan's Ghost Whisperer references and uncovering of the deadly secrets of Toastmasters International

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