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E076: Terran Treachery Trips Luna LIVE!

June 16, 2020

Recorded live at the 2020 Livestream for the Cure charity podcasting marathon, it's "Terran Treachery Trips Luna" from the January, 1952 issue of Fantastic Adventures magazine! This almost alliterative tale of lunar diamond madness has spacesuits and flare guns and wagons with tongues and proves the moon truly is a harsh mistress (but not the fun kind).

NOTE ON SOUND: This was a live telethon so some of the theme music is a little low in the mix (don't worry, it's only the music). You will also hear occasional loud noises announcing donations throughout the segment. Sorry about that but we love to help raise money for cancer research! 

You will also sometimes hear Nick from the Epic Film Guys podcast, who, along with some other great podcasters, created the entire event and raised over $15,000 for the Cancer Research Institute. It's a terrific org, a fantastic event, and he's a pretty swell dude. Listen to Epic Film Guys wherever you listen to podcasts or learn more at

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