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E028: Love in a Cottage

April 24, 2018

In this episode, we introduce you to the new IT Book Club (not a division of Reynholm Industries)! How do you become a member of the IT Book Club? It's easy, just leave a 5-star review on iTunes, Right over here! Membership has its perks; not only will we induct you as a member on the air, we will read your review, too. So please leave your thoughts, poems about turtles, and guacamole recipes on Apple Podcasts/iTunes today and join the exclusive IT Book Club!

Then come right back here and listen to this week's Tale, a doozy of a short story called "Love in a Cottage" by Francis A. Durivage all the way back from 1853! A story about a poor rich man who seeks to impress the lady of his dreams by becoming a rich (in spirit) poor man, it's classic Shakespearian romance in the sense that it's entirely built on lies but it's all okay because... love? Anyway, the story is a breezy hoot and Alan and Rob get to work out their... tasteful Irish accents (love you, Ireland!). So grab a glass of cheap beer and pull up a dusty, worn chair while we read you this week's tale.

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