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E046: The Tennis Court Decides

September 18, 2018

In our latest podcast we read a Tale of tennis, class warfare, and the dangers of gantry cranes and also introduce our new mascot! Head over to @taleinterrupted on Twitter to see our new pins of Jelly, the Gelatinous Cube. She's ready to ooze her way into your heart. Want a free pin of Jelly along with other free stuff? Just review us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts right here!

"The Tennis Court Decides" is from the March, 1913 issue of Top-Notch Magazine, so you know it includes the highest possible of all notches. It's the tale of college boys vs. blue collar slobs and features everything you could possible want except Rodney Dangerfield. Plus you'll learn about all the perks working in a 1913 factory had, such as sports facilities and forced coworker interaction! It's like the Google campus of the earlier 20th century, only with more black lung. You'll 15 and Love it! (I've just been informed that Jelly will not stand for such puns and has threatened to leave so we regretfully rescind that joke)

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