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Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!

E049: Moon, June, Spoon, Croon

October 16, 2018

In our 49th podcast (49!) we combine two of our listener's favorite genres: Sci-fi and romance! "Moon, June, Spoon, Croon" is a futuristic Tale from the Summer, 1955 issue of Startling Stories (the same issue as listener favorite, "The Angry House) and while Alan reads, Rob interrupts and we discuss robot dating, janitors of the future, and the other Rick Astley song. Can a modern robot find its way in a cold, uncaring world? Can it overcome its limited yet somehow extremely powerful programming? And will the title ever make sense? All your questions will be answered (except that last one, cause, nope)!

We also promo the excellent Ink to Film podcast, which you can find in your favorite podcast app or learn about right here. They read books and watch movies, it's a perfect blend of book talk, film talk, and humorous banter. Whether you've read the book or even seen the film they're discussing, it's always worth a listen!

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