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Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!

E050: The Brain Jungle

October 23, 2018

OUR 50th EPISODE! That's right, 50 episodes of kooky aliens, robots, cowboys, ghosts, lost loves, found loves, and whatever that Santa Claus story was about. We thank everyone who stuck with us over the last year and if this is your first episode you have SO MUCH to binge! This week's episode of mystery and murder is from Short Stories Magazine (Motto: "We're Cutting You Off at 8 Pages No Matter What!") and features the adventures of general dick-around-town, Felix Hazard. Actually, he outsources all of his work so he's pretty much Master Guy Sitting in Chair (and Detective), although props on the name. 

Meanwhile, Rob reads a touching tribute to Alan on the big 5-0 and we promo the great Those Happy Places podcast. It's about theme parks, rides, and the lands that make them special. Buddy and Alice are great hosts and we heartily endorse their general awesomeness.

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