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Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!

PREMIERE: Parasitecology S01, E01 and E02!

February 26, 2019

People of Earth! We heard you like interruptions, so we interrupted your interruptions with... a science fiction audio dramedy?  For one week, this is not Interrupted Tales but a tale that interrupts: Parasitecology!  And this supersized episode is not just the first episode, but a full TWO episodes of the show that you didn't ask for but got anyway!  

What is this thing called Parasitecology?  Well, it's a darkly comic SF audiodrama about a suicidal nerd and his alien parasite best friend, and that's just the beginning.  Literally, that's the beginning of the show, it's the whole premise, and it takes us about two episodes to get there... but don't worry, eventually they both go to a grocery store...

Please note: While Parasitecology is a comedy, it incorporates the serious and, for us, highly personal topic of mental health, including dealing with anxiety, depression and suicide. If you or a loved one is at risk of self-harm, please: get help and call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Parasitecology was created by Alan Gallauresi and Rob Trevino, who also created Interrupted Tales, a weekly podcast where one of them reads a vintage or pulp story while the other person constantly interrupts.  

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Written and directed by Alan Gallauresi and Rob Trevino
Original music by Alan Gallauresi
Narration by Stacey Frost of Rough Giraffe (
Role of Javier performed by Rob Trevino
Role of Cher performed by Alan Gallauresi

Full credits at